Glendale PTC Minutes

August 22, 2017 6:30 PM

Bonfire Restaurant, Savage


New Board Introductions

Angie Carrigan-President, Shannon Davis-Vice President, Stephanie Janasko-Treasurer, Tanya Naylor-Secretary, Amy Ebel, Andrea Fisher, Angie Caputo, Angie Rolle-Event Coordinator, Amy Morrill-Box Tops/fundraising/website updates, Mentoring Program-Amy Ebel, School Store-Amy Jones and Andrea Fisher, Snack Cart-Lynn Sikkink, Teacher Representatives-Julie Donohue and Kelly Williams, D.O.G.S-Mike Glum


Minutes Review from 5/9/17

Reading of the Notes


Teacher’s Report

Mrs. Donohue/Mrs. Williams – Teachers are returning and setting up


Treasurer’s Report

Total Income: $83,427.61

Total Expenses: $78,725.00

Action needed:

Future discussion for placement of the Play Extension – Stephanie Janasko and Angie Carringan


Principal Report

New Nature Preschool is in the Smart Gym, Snack cart moved to the teachers’ lounge, School store move out to just around the corner. Levy is coming up. Introduction of Mrs. Molitor was mailed out. 583 students registered for 2017-2018 school year.

Action needed:

Find Glen – Mrs. Molitor


Box Tops / Labels for Education / Milk Moola

Box Tops for Education- this year changing the promotion to submit 25 Box Tops to get a coupon (instead of 50)

Kwik Trip Milk Moola- over 1300 caps to submit after school starts

Amazon Smile- continuing participation (more details on website)

Tyson labels – continuing to collect 

Coca-Cola Bottle cap- Catch the Caps all Coca-Cola

Labels for Education – Ended- Redeemed points for $250 Visa Gift Cards and a Basketball


Snack Cart

Stock the same things as last year with the exception of pop tarts. Kids did enjoy more of the fresh items. Will not be changing vendors.


School Store

Cart was inventoried over the summer; items reordered, discontinued some things and restocked the highest volume items. A few new items. Angie Caputo joined and will be coordinating Valentine’s Day and Teachers Appreciation. School store will be open 1st Friday of the month after January.

Actions needed:

Store opens earlier than last year (10/13).

Applications to go home 1st week of School

Due Date for Applications are 9/11 – Amy Jones and Andrea Fisher


Event Reports

Teacher Welcome Back Luncheon, Tuesday 29th @11 am

-Back to School Night, Friday, September 15th 6:15-8:00 p.m. will be serving hot dogs, ice cream or cookie, similar to end of year party

-Davanni’s Nights – October 2nd-5th grade, Nov 6th– 4th grade, January 8th-3rd grade, February 12-2nd grade, April 9th-1st grade, May 14th-K. May add December Date

-Picture Day, Sept 22nd (need 2 volunteers per shift)

-Teacher Conference Dinner – Soup and Sandwich or Taco Bar

Actions needed:

Davanni’s – December Date?

Volunteers for Picture Day – Split Shifts

Sign Up Genius for Teacher Conference



Discussed New Playground equipment, bid came in; slide & swiggle knots $11,848 to be placed by MEA

-PTC approved $3,500 to purchase New Chrome Books

-World wear Project- Donate shoes to this group and they take them to South America and sell them

-New state/MN flags for front of school, flag donated by VFW

-New PTC Facebook page set up – connect with Glendale

-Spirit Wear- print out samples sent out and will be web based.

-Start FUNRUN planning- Fun run will have an obstacle course-

-Buzz Book (Tanya)- Tanya will take over after Jennifer revised and wrote out directions.

Actions needed:

Chrome Books to be ordered by Sept 9th -Mrs. Molitor

WWP – Check to see if they are a legitimate group- Angie C

Flags- Check on proper way to dispose of flags. – Shannon

Thank you cards from the kids for the flags.

Spirit Ware – Decision on what shirt will be the Glendale shirt. – Shannon

Buzz Book – data to be processed by Oct 1st. Last call for listing is Sept 22, Tanya Naylor



August 29th-Welcome Back Teacher Luncheon

August 30th– Glendale Open House 3:30-5:30pm

Sept 5th & 6th-Grades 1-5 Assessments

Sept 7th– First Day of School (K-5)

Sept 15th– PTC Back to School Night 6:15-8:00pm

Sept 15th-FUNRUN Kickoff, end of school day

Sept 19th-PTC Meeting at Glendale @ 6:30pm

Sept 22nd-Picture Day



Discussion- Playground was painted, will have a Table at the Open House, Tailgate on Oct 6th, will have the Pancake Breakfast Nov 18th and Winter Blast Feb 2nd. Need to recruit new blood, dads are moving on and a change in the guard.

Actions needed:

Recruit new Dads – Mike Glum

Table at Open House – ?