Glendale PTC Meeting Notes

Date: May 9, 2017  6:30 PM

Location of Meeting: Glendale Media Center

Attending: Jenny Gatti, Tanya Naylor, Sam Richardson, Kelly Williams, Angie Carrigan, Shannon Davis, Andrea Fisher, Frank Boyles & Jenni Krosnowski

Prior Lake Music Fest Presentation:  Jenni Krosnowski and Frank Boyles

Minutes Review from 4/11/17:  Lori Parker

Teacher’s Report:  Mrs. Donohue/Mrs. Williams

  • Teacher appreciation week was appreciated!
  • Working on getting through MCAs and MAP testing
  • Preparing for Mother’s day
  • Fun in the Sun, Track and Field day and Choir concert is coming up
  • Students are busy gardening

Principal’s Report:  Mr. Richardson

  • Proposed options from the Task Force were approved by the School Board
  • Centralized preK vs neighborhood schools house preschools with both including building a new elementary and one option proposed for the middle schools and high school that would add on to existing facilities
  • Expiring levy in 2018 – both will likely be on the ballet in November
  • Technology Integrationist – working towards a 1:1 ratio for students to interact with technology

Treasurer’s Report: Jennifer Gatti for Angie Patzman

Budget changes for next year:  

  1. Add Kindness Retreat for 4th graders ($2,700)
  2.  Add 5th Grade Graduation Treats ($200)
  3.  Add Valentine’s Day Party ($500)
  4.  Remove Lyceum Educational Speakers ($1,500)
  5.  Remove Kindergarten Live Books ($300)

Options for summer projects:

  1.  Hire a muralist to paint a mural for the stairwell near the Art Room (approximately $5,000-6,000).
  2.  Add Artwork to the hallway instead of a mural ($1,000).
  3.  Add a playground extension to the Netplex ($1,500-5,000).

Box Tops/Labels for Education/Milk Moola:  Amy Morrill

  • June 1 will be the deadline for turning in Box Tops/Labels for Education/Milk Moala Submissions

Snack Cart: Stephanie Janasko

  • End of the year party for volunteers
  • Trying a new vendor and new snacks from Healthy Snack program
  • Waiting for invoices for the last couple of orders – possibly around $500
  • Currently about $6500 left in the budget
  • About 400 students involved
  • Possibly purchase another cart

School Store:  Amy Jones/Tammy Krings

  • Will be presenting the check to ROCK at the all school meeting on 5/31. Currently at approximately $1300 from store profits and $150 just from student donations

Event Coordinators: Amy Ebel/Meghan Consdorf/Angie Roelle/Andrea Fisher

  • Glendale received a check from Davanni’s for $185.80 for April.
  • The final event of the year will be the PTC End of the Year Party on Friday, June 2 from 6:15-8 PM (hot dogs, chips and water/individual ice cream or icees with an outdoor options and indoor options for activities)
  • End of the Year Teacher Luncheon (about 40 people – looking into Chik-Fil-A) for Thursday, June 8


Mike Glum will be taking over the leadership of the DOGS group next year

President/Vice-President:  Jenny Gatti and Angie Carrigan

Summary of our accomplishments for the year:  

  1.  New playground equipment was purchased and installed in August with the help of the community.
  2.  We purchased t-shirts for all staff and students to celebrate Glendale’s 20th Anniversary.
  3.  We sponsored the Fun Run in October and made over $38,000 for our school.
  4.  We purchased Kindergarten Reading Books, High Interest/Lower Level Reading Texts for Melanie Anderson, 16 new Chromebooks and a Speech Language Toolkit and Chromebook for Nicole Streif.
  5.  We sponsored ESTEM night in January and had the following vendors:  The Works, Mad Science, Mathnasium, Robotics group, Legos and JR Naturalists.
  6.  We held the 2nd Annual PTC Carnival in April at Glendale and brought in over $12,000 for our school.
  7.  We honored our teachers at Glendale in a variety of ways during Teacher Appreciation week from May 1-5.

Elections for open PTC Board positions for next year:  

  • President – Angie Carrigan, all voted and motion approved
  • Vice-President – Shannon Davis all voted and motion approved
  • Secretary – Tanya Naylor all voted and motion approved
  • Treasurer – Stephanie Janasko all voted and motion approved
  • Snack Cart Representative – Sarah Barbera
  • School Store Representative – Amy Jones and Andrea Fisher
  • 1 Event Coordinator OPEN


Wednesday, May 31:  All School Meeting (2:30 pm) and Glendale Birthday Party Celebration

Friday, June 2:  End of the Year PTC Party from 6:15-8 PM at Glendale

Thursday, June 8:  End of the Year Teacher Luncheon