Glendale PTC Meeting Notes

Date: February 7, 2017  6:30 PM

Location of Meeting: Glendale Media Center

Attending: Sam Richardson, Jenny Gatti, Jenni Krosnowski, Frank Boyles, Angie Caputo, Lori Parker, Angie Carrigan, Andrea Fisher, Marissa Kiefer, Angie Patzman, Kelly Williams, Kari Maurer

Prior Lake Music Fest Presentation:  Frank Boyles, City Administrator from Prior Lake

  • The Rotary needs help to raise money through:
  • Admission ticket sales
    • Non-profit receives 50% of the revenue from tickets sold by Glendale
    • $30 tickets/2 nights  – Glendale would receive $15
    • URL assigned specifically to Glendale
  • Raffle
    • $10/raffle ticket for a car from Belzers – $5 per ticket goes back to Glendale
    • Must be sold in person adult to adult
  • Sponsorship Sales
    • Glendale receives 50% of their first time cash contribution from sponsorship
  • Volunteers
    • Each elementary school will get 50 volunteer hours (possibly more) with $20/hour back to Glendale

Minutes Review from 1/10/17:  Lori Parker

Teacher’s Report:  Mrs. Donohue/Mrs. Williams

  • Semester one is done!
  • Promoting and planning I Love to Read activities
  • Innovation Week – last week in February & 1st week of March
    • Ex. making musical instruments, math carnival, developing greenhouses, toy creation
    • Lakers are: curious, risk-takers, adaptable, teammates, innovators, aware & determined!

Principal’s Report:  Mr. Richardson

  • Open Enrollment Update
    • Over 100 applications into the district for Glendale with 7 students accepted into the district & waiting lists are in place
    • The design team is setting different scenarios for how growth is handled
  • All School Valentine’s Party on Tuesday, February 14
    • Parent led stations  each student is paired with their buddy to go through activities in the building

Treasurer’s Report: Angie Patzman

  • Deposits:
  • Expenses:

Mentoring Program:  Amy Ebel

Box Tops/Labels for Education/Milk Moola:  Amy Morrill

  • Box Top Promotion for February Update
    • Must be turned in by March 1
    • More than double (of the usual amount) Box Tops have been turned in this month

Snack Cart: Stephanie Janasko

  • No updates

School Store:  Amy Jones/Tammy Krings

  • The School Store will open on 2/17.

DOGS: Troy Bauer/Mike Glum

Event Coordinators: Amy Ebel/Meghan Consdorf/Angie Roelle/Andrea Fisher

  • Next Davanni’s Night will be on Monday, March 20 with 1st Grade Volunteering
  • I Love to Read Night is coming up on Thursday, February 16
    • Eileen’s Cookies – planning for about 200
  • Former elementary teacher and author Patrick “Packy” Mader will be presenting programs on his four published children’s books to celebrate reading.

President/Vice-President:  Jenny Gatti and Angie Carrigan

  • Speech Language Toolkit and Chromebook
    • Cost: $380 (actual $441.49).
    • Contact: Nicole Streif
    • Cost: $500.13
    • Contact: Melanie Anderson
  • High Interest, Lower Level Reading Texts
    • Cost: $537
    • Contact: Jen Halvorson
  • Kindergarten Guided Reading Books – 288 books
    • Request from Melanie Anderson for $200 to buy pizzas for Reading Intervention Night – Jenny motioned to add $250 to the I Love to Read night to cover this cost and additional costs for that ALL approved
    • BILT recommendations for PTC funding – Jenny motioned and Angie seconded ALL approved
      • Here are the requests approved by BILT in addition to a request for support from PTC for color printer ink as we did last year. Please accept these requests for February’s PTC meeting. Heather Hartman will be processing all of the orders. The total of the requests can be offset by the PTC technology budget line item as needed.
  • 16 Chromebooks
    • Cost: $4183.84
    • Contact: Sam Richardson/Kelly Williams
    • Total Request: $5662.33
  • We also have an additional request we mentioned last meeting and this would be separate from the BILT teacher request.  Jenny motioned to approve and add as a line item of $750  for next year ALL approved
    • The administrative request to mirror what was done last year to support printing:
    • Color Printer Ink
    • Cost: $719.36
    • Contact: Heather Hartman
    • Valentine Party budget – proposed $500 budget line item for next year ALL approved
  • Diaper Drive by Sanya Pirani (5th grade student from Jeffer’s Pond)
    • partnering with 5th grade WE Day group to collect diapers
  • World Café Event on Thursday, February 9 from 6-8:30 PM at Twin Oaks Middle School
  • Prior Lake Music Fest Ticket Sales/Promotion
    • Discussed sales at the Carnival and promotion ideas
  • 2nd Annual Glendale Carnival will be on Saturday, April 1 from 11 AM – 3 PM.  We are in the process of collecting donations and would appreciate any donations from teachers/parents, in addition to local businesses.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week:  Looking for a volunteer to plan and organize the week’s events for the teachers


Thursday, February 16:  I Love to Read Night 6:15-8 PM

Tuesday, March 7:  PTC Meeting in Media Center 6:30-8 PM

Monday, March 20:  Davanni’s Night

Saturday, April 1:  2nd Annual Glendale Carnival 11 AM – 3 PM