Glendale PTC Meeting Notes

Date: December 6, 2016  6:00 PM

Location of Meeting: Edgewood School

Attendees: Jenny Gatti, Angie Carrigan, Angie Patzman, Amy Morrill, Stephanie Janasko, Sam Richardson, Julie Donahue, Kelly WIlliams, Lori Parker, Amy Jones, Andrea Fisher

Minutes Review from 11/1/16: Angie Carrigan

Teacher’s Report: Mrs. Donahue & Mrs. Williams

  • Requests will go to the building team (BILT) prior to coming to the PTC
  • Thank you for the conference dinner! There was a great turnout for conferences!
  • Junior Naturalists is up and running. Kids are anxious to hear about Student Council, SWAT and the school store.
  • Teachers are planning winter activities.
  • Engineering Is Elementary (EIE) in the building and each grade level is working on a project.
  • Holiday party is coming up and kids are settled in and doing well!

Principal’s Report: Mr. Richardson

  • Roxanne is retiring this month. December 19th is Mrs. Scheffert Day to celebrate her!
  • Dawn Ryan will be coming to Glendale from Five Hawks as the new Building Secretary January 3rd.
  • Looking forward to a fun month!

Treasurer’s Report: Angie Patzman

  • Playground equipment was officially paid for this month!
  • Kept 94% of money from the Fun Run
  • Expenses:
    • Playground Equipment: $34,000 ($32,000 PTC/$2000 DOGS)
    • Wolf Ridge Scholarship: $2000
    • Teacher Allocations: $2,663.85
    • Three Rivers: $2,820 (EE day)
  • Credits:
    • Fun Run Final Deposit: $21, 646.25
    • DOGS Pancake Breakfast: $2,151.00

Box Tops/Labels for Education/Milk Moola: Amy Morrill

  • Box Tops are sent 2x year $1200 worth
  • Labels for Education end at the end of this school year
  • Milk Moola
  • Brainstormed ideas to push collections

Snack Cart: Stephanie Janasko

  • Discontinued Sun Chips & popcorn – some are left over so will be sold at a future PTC event

School Store: Amy Jones/Tammy Krings

  • Kick off this Friday with starting applications and interviews with an anticipated opening date of February 17, 2017
  • Will only be open every other Friday

Event Coordinator’s

  • ESTEM night will be on Friday, January 20 from 6:15-8 pm at GD
  • May adjust start times to only pay vendors for 2 hours (possibly 6:30-8pm with food starting at 5:45)
  • Davanni’s night will be Monday, December 19 (not assigned to a grade level)

President/Vice-President: Jenny Gatti & Angie Carrigan

  • A new PTC Request for Funds worksheet has been created. We will be taking requests until the end of this year and will make a decision, with the help of the BILT Team, early next year.
  • Buzz Book is complete and will be available in the office for $1. In addition, a digital book will be emailed out to all parents in the next few days.
  • Retirement gift to Roxanne. Any suggestions?
  • Carnival Planning will begin in January 2017. If anyone is interested in joining the planning committee, please contact Jenny or Angie. The carnival will be held on April 1st. Any donations are welcome!


  • Tuesday, December 20: Winter Holiday Party 2:15-3:15 pm
  • Tuesday, January 10: PTC Meeting at Glendale 6:30 pm in the Media Center
  • Friday, January, 20: ESTEM Night at Glendale from 6:15-8 pm
  • Friday, February 3: DOGS Winter Blast
  • Tuesday, February 7: PTC Meeting at Glendale 6:30 pm
  • Tuesday, February 14: All School Valentine Party
  • Thursday, February 16: I Love to Read Night 6:15-8 pm