Glendale PTC Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2017 6:30 PM

Glendale Media Center


Attendance: Shannon Davis, Angie Carrigan, Andrea Fisher, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Molitor, Stephanie Janasko, Angie Caputo

Minutes Review from 10/3/2017: Reviewed by Shannon Davis

Teachers Report: Mrs. Williams

Harvest Parties went well. Pizza parties are underway. End of quarter assessments are in progress and prepping for conferences.  The referendum passed. Mr. Deris is doing better, will still be out for the near future. Mrs. Molitor had a discussion with the class about his illness and the kids sent him cards. Teachers started workshop live.

Principal Report: Mrs. Molitor

Drop off added 40 more cars from Kindergarten and first grade and has only added 4-5 more minutes. Thanks for support for the referendum. Preparation for conferences is underway. 25 fifth graders participated in We day with Mrs. Jaeb and Mr. Sillman on November 8th.

Box Tops/Labels for education/Milk Moola: Amy Morrill

Box tops check for the last 6 months will be $639.40. Will be sending out a reminder in the December newsletter about the collection and submitting of box tops. Please post on Facebook sites.

Treasurer’s Report:

Earned $55.35 for Milk Moola. Earned $2,205.00 for Lakefront music fest. Earned $33,653.70 from the fall fun run fundraiser. Playground equipment invoice was paid. Environmental education day was paid. Changed the savings account from a money market account to a traditional savings account. Still waiting for Davanni’s checks from September and October.

Snack Cart: Lynn Sikkink

12 kids still have not paid. Heather sent out to either pay, ask for a scholarship, or remove from list. Teachers feel that they do not have the time or personnel to take over the snack cart.

School Store: Amy Jones/Andrea Fisher

Second week open and doing well. Discussion about moving back into the preschool room since it is not being occupied during Glenmart times. A new form was set up and will be emailing forms to the younger grades. Planning on new holiday inventory.

Event Coordinators: Amy Ebel/Andrea Fisher/Angie Caputo/Angies Rolle

Getting ready for teacher conference dinners, Signup Genius need to be sent out to schoology, teacher emails, seesaw, smores, and on Glendale and PTC Facebook pages for more participation. Teacher appreciation was discussed. Vision and hearing notice will be sent out and a Signup Genius. Davanni’s night was a success. Glendale made $293.42, the next Davanni’s night is December 18. This is just a walk-in without kid volunteers. Next child volunteer day is January 8 2018, and this will be the 3rd grade classes.

Secretary: Tanya Naylor

Buzz books are complete and will be for sale for $1.00 on conference nights.

DOGS: Mike Glum

Josh Kieffer will be heading the DOGS next year.  Pancake breakfast will be Saturday, November 18 from 8:30-11:00am.  There will also be a silent auction and a children’s project.

President/Vice President: Angie Carrigan and Shannon Davis

Fun Run final numbers were $33,653.70. Kids love the new playground equipment. No injuries from the new apparatuses. We picked a date of November 30 for the ice-cream parties, we will look into doing the Italian ice for the whole school. Looking into donation options for a former Glendale student who passed away. Spirit wear store website has reopened for Christmas gifts, until November 22 to ensure a December 18 delivery.


November 14  Teacher conference dinners

November 18  DOGS pancake breakfast

November 30  Ice-cream parties

December 4-8 5th grade Wolf Ridge trip

December 5  PTC meeting at Glendale at 6:30