Glendale PTC Meeting Notes

Date: January 10, 2017  6:30 PM

Location of Meeting: Glendale Media Center

Attending: Sam Richardson, Julie Donahue, Jenny Gatti, Stephanie Janasko, Angie Carrigan, Lori Parker, Denise , Angie Caputo, Amy Morrill, Meghan Consdorf

Rotary Presentation:  Rotary Member

  • Prior Lake Music Fest Information – Lakefront Park July 14-15
  • Expanding the non profit partnership group to include the building PTCs
    • Direct ticket sales $30/both nights – Glendale PTC gets $15/each ticket sold
    • Raffle tickets for $10/each (must be 18 and older) – Glendale PTC gets 50% of sales
    • Volunteer hours – capped at 500 hours for all PTCs combined and for each hour Glendale PTC gets $20
    • Corporate sponsorships starting at $1000 – Glendale PTC gets 50%
  • Rotary gives back 100% of money raised to the community
  • Each PTC is it’s own entity in rewards and a liaison would be assigned to Glendale
  • Prizes for the raffle include a new car and cash prizes
  • Hopeful to have tickets available February 7

Minutes Review from 12/6/16:  Lori Parker

Teacher’s Report:  Mrs. Donohue

  • 1:1 iPad initiatives working with teachers and students in the building
  • Dinosaur dig with 1st grade
  • Geography Bee
  • MAP testing, COGAT testing & report cards to finish up the first semester this month
  • Report cards will come home in backpacks and be available online the first week of February

Principal’s Report:  Mr. Richardson

  • ESTEM night promotion
  • I Love to Read committee of teachers and would appreciate some support on the I Love to Read night and assistance with costs for the author & treats
  • Valentine’s party may need some financial support in addition to the classroom collections for parties
  • Kindergarten Registration night coming up
  • Discuss changes to PLSAS Open Enrollment Policy and impact on Glendale
    • The School Board voted to limit open enrollment 1% or approximately 6-7 students per grade level across the district
    • Glendale attendance overall has declined over the last few years but has held steady in numbers due to open enrollment from neighboring districts
    • Approximately 770 students leave PLSAS each year and approximately 1000 students come from other districts into PLSAS
    • Funding follows each student and flexibility of placement of open enrollment has allowed the district to maintain options
    • Discussions of staff and families that currently have children open enrolled in the district being placed in a lottery and also a lottery for students new to the district
    • The Providence neighborhood will be brought to Glendale for the 2017-2018 school year (currently at Jeffers Pond) & 2 half day nature based preschool programs will be brought to Glendale from Edgewood for the 2017-2018 school year
    • There are links to contact School Board members on the PLSAS district website
  • Dawn Ryan is the new Head Secretary at Glendale.  She will be responsible for all Communications.  Heather Hartman will take over the Financials.

Treasurer’s Report: Jennifer Gatti for Angie Patzman

Mentoring Program:  Amy Ebel

  • Reminders for checking backpacks for report cards

Box Tops/Labels for Education/Milk Moola:  Amy Morrill

  • Box Top Promotion for February – throughout the year, 50 box tops earns a reward
  • For February reward will be given for submitting 25 Box Tops – hand out at ESTEM, DOGS sledding night, PTC blast, etc.

Snack Cart: Stephanie Janasko

  • Currently using only Cisco
  • Approximately 400 kids participate
  • Kid’s Company before school help prep the cart in the morning & 3rd-4th grade students restock but may need some supervision

School Store:  Amy Jones/Tammy Krings

  • Sending out acceptance letters to the 5th graders.  Signed offers are due back January 20. Training will begin on February 6.
  • The School Store will open on February 17.
  • Need to order more inventory.  Any suggestions?

DOGS: Troy Bauer/Mike Glum

  • DOGS sledding event on February 3

Event Coordinators: Amy Ebel/Meghan Consdorf/Angie Roelle/Andrea Fisher

  • December Davanni’s Night brought in $511.70.  We will receive a check for $102.34
  • January Davanni’s Night brought in $822.64.  We will receive a check for $164.53.
  • Next Davanni’s Night will be on Monday, February 6th with 2nd Grade Volunteering
  • ESTEM Night planning is going well (The Works, Mad Science, Robotics, Mathnasium, Lego station, etc. are booked).  Need to start promoting on Glendale’s FB page and Schoology. Dinner will be available for purchase.

President/Vice-President:  Jenny Gatti and Angie Carrigan

  • The 2nd Annual Glendale Carnival will be on Saturday, April 1 from 11 AM – 3 PM.
  • Taking donations from the community – please contact Jenny or Angie


Friday, January 20:  ESTEM Night at Glendale from 6:15-8 PM

Friday, February 3:  DOGS Winter Blast

Tuesday, February 7:  PTC Meeting at Glendale 6:30 PM

Thursday, February 16:  I Love to Read Night 6:15-8 PM