Glendale PTC Meeting Notes

Date: January 9, 2018  6:30 PM

Location of Meeting: Glendale Media Center

Attendance: (Angie Carrigan, Shannon Davis, Chris Jerke, Stephanie Jasasko, Angie Caputo, Mrs. Molitor, Lynn Sikkink, Tanya Naylor, Andrea Fisher and Krishanu Das)

Minutes Review from 12/5/17:  Tanya Naylor

Teacher’s Report: Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Jerke (email from Mrs. Williams)

1. I spoke with Julie Donohue and she wanted me to let everyone know she will prepare a Jr. Naturalist station for students on ESTEM night. Our district naturalist will bring animal hides, skulls and bones for students to explore.  Julie and I both have class pet turtles that we will make available for students to observe and Julie thought she might possibly have a pet rabbit available that night as well.  Ideally she would like to use her classroom space for stations.  If that does not work she would like to use the Media Center.  I will plan on helping her set up her stations that night.

(Possible have Glen? Hope to keep everyone in the main area and keep classes closed off. Vendors are set and only one is asking for a donation)

2. Last year there was a discussion about having the All School Valentine Party money become a line item versus asking individual classrooms for $1.00 per student.  Teachers ask for the party money donation one time at the beginning of the year and typically do not receive donations from the entire class.  Party donations are spent on purchasing craft items for holiday parent gifts, individual classroom celebrations, projects, ESTEM and Innovation Week supplies etc. 

(Line item last year was $300, line item this year is $500. Ask the class room to donate $10.00 each instead. Discussed $1 per student, hard to pinch. Suggested to ask each teacher to donate $15 class room instead of $1 per kid. Ask for a decrease from PTC down to $400. Discussion about replacement of games and supplies. Valentines is not run by PTC. Heather will be asked to email a request for funds. Sign up Genius to lead parents for each activities. Help desk buddies. Review the amount being asked for to teachers and plan accordingly for next year.)

3. As PTC teacher reps we typically send out an invite to staff to come and greet families at ESTEM Night.  I am happy to send this message out again this week.

(A teacher rep will come to ESTEM night)


Principal’s Report: Mrs. Molitor

-Classroom push brooms

-IXL Reading and ELA

(Short a custodian, suggested that PTC purchase Hoky’s for each class room for a total of $512. Tabled for the month till a review of finances to determine if there is funds. IXL Reading and ELA program on IPads discussion on how teachers use them. To continue 150 seats current quote is for $2025, school set aside $1500.

CARES Awards, tickets to be handed out and they do a draw system. Give students a list of things to give tickets out for, need to cut back on the cost and reduce to just one student to have breakfast with the principal instead everyone. $600 budget for CAREs from PTC. Extraordinary actions would be exception to tickets. Add a CAREs recognition budget line to PTC.

Chrome Books, originally anticipated 13 to 14 could be purchased, we are now able to get $15 for $3,500

End of day procedure going well and some reminding still going on.

Geography B Thursday.)


Treasurer’s Report: Stephanie Janasko

-Refund from the IRS $3,122.37

(Discussion of refund, refile of 501.3C extension filed till June. No word on Snack Cart Fund. Discussion of custodial fee, DOGs was charged for the Pancake Breakfast, never charged before)


Box Tops/Milk Moola: Amy Morrill

-$650.40 check received for two Boxtops submission

-Amy’s received new coupons from Cherry Berry and Olive Garden

(Extra coupons for Olive Garden, they are buy one adult entrée get a kid’s meal free. Davanni’s checks received, Dec $97.94 and January is $132.55. Received a charitable donation from Bank of America for $50)


Snack Cart: Lynn Sikkink

-Any new update on Snack Cart money? Did we receive funds back?

(Discussion of funds, business office has not been available, other schools faced same situation and principals are communicating about the funds. Might want to raise fees for next year with more kids entering the school)


School Store: Andrea Fisher and Amy Jones

-Progress update

(Open 19th and 25th. $514.91 in account. Order new stock, won’t be here till the 25th. Can’t move the location of the cart. Suggestions for next year is to add more than school spplies, lip gloss, snacks, squeeze ball. Funds just go towards the cart and restocking the cart. Only $65 dollars to start the year)


DOGS: Mike Glum

-Winter Blast coming up 2/2 at 6:30

-Pancake Breakfast final numbers $2,500.57

(Winter Blast may be change.)


Event Coordinators: Andrea Fisher, Amy Ebel, Angie Caputo and Angie Rolle

-ESTEM Update

-Valentine’s day party funds?

(No food, only snacks. 10 vendors, 2 new from last year, list of vendors email to Tanya)


President/Vice-President: Angie Carrigan and Shannon Davis

-Evelyn Goody family donation, (Hope Foundation)?

-Carnival planning

-IPAD update

-Additional ice pops, needed for event?

-Cosmo Photo booth no longer avail for events

(Ice Pops left over for use for ESTEM night. Letter out for Donations for carnival. IPads located and serial numbers being checked. Discussion for HOPE foundation funds to give $500 to the Evely Family, motioned and seconded)



January 19:  ESTEM Night at Glendale from 6:15p.m.-8:00 p.m.

February 2:  DOGS Winter Blast

February 13:  PTC Meeting at Glendale 6:30 p.m.

February 14: All school Valentine’s Day Party

February 22: I Love to Read Night 6:30p.m.-8:00 p.m.

(I Love to Read Night will be an all-day event instead of an evening thing and an all month activities.)


Intermediate Update

 1. We are able to get back the $4,200 snack cart money from the district office. We need to use the money by the end of the school year. Are we restricted to only using for snack cart or can it be used for other Glendale needs? Question for Lynn, do we have snack cart needs? Better snacks, additional cart? How much of the $4200 do you need?

If we do have money left over we can discuss more and get the BUILT team involved and see what the needs are for the school. I know a new sound system for the gym has been on the radar for awhile. It was on Sams hit list before he left.

2. A check has been cut for $500 out of our Hope Foundation fund for Evelyn Godoy family. A card has been purchased and signed on behalf of Glendale and the PTC. Mrs. Ryan will be delivering to family.

 3. A message was sent out from Mrs. Williams to all teachers for each classroom to donate $15 towards the Valentines Day Party. Along with the PTC $500 budget it should be an awesome party. Look for a sign up genius if you can volunteer during the day.

 4.  Invoices have been tracked down where we had purchased the Ipads and Chromebooks in years past to get the serial numbers and see if we still have them on school grounds. Findings will be shared at the next meeting.

 5. Angie reached out to other 719 schools to see what they do for their school stores. Redtail and Jeffers don’t have school stores. Grainwood has one but she doesn’t know what they sell. No response from Westwood and Five Hawks yet.

 6. ESTEM is on the 19th, still looking for volunteers. Signup genius is on FB and seesaw.)