Glendale PTC Meeting Minutes

October 3rd, 2017 6:00 PM

Grainwood Elementary


Attendance: Shannon Davis, Angie Rolle, Angie Caputo, Angie Carrigan, Jennifer Molitor, Mrs. Jerke, Tanya Naylor


Minutes Review from 9/19/2017: reviewed by Tanya Naylor


Teacher’s Report:  Mrs. Donohue/Mrs. Jerke


(Pushing info out to parents on Smores for the Levy, ESTEM day was successful, Pushing Fun Run and hoping for good weather.)


Treasurer’s Report: Stephanie Janasko

-Snack cart Surplus money


(District collected $4200 excesses from the Snack Cart, Mrs. Molitor will work with finances to find out details about the funds and information on reimbursement to the school. Davanni’s night total was $971.69 of which the school will receive $194.34. Easels came in under budget at $1500. Payment for Wolf Ridge will be made after Fun Run.)


Principal Report: Mrs. Molitor


(ESTEM day was successful and engaging for the kids, pictures on twitter and FB. Ms. Ryan and Mrs. Molitor pushing an Anti-Bullying Day Oct, 25. Please wear orange on this day. Pushing Fun Run on morning announcements. Testing to start in a couple weeks. Referendum team is getting the facts out with book marks, email, texts, Robo calls and Smores announcements. )


Box Tops/Milk Moola:   Amy Morrill (no update)


Snack Cart: Lynn Sikkink (no update)


School Store:  Amy Jones/Andrea Fisher

Congratulations letters went out to students with their store positions, having a team meeting on Oct 9th.

-Grand Opening on Oct 13th


Event Coordinators: Amy Ebel/Andrea Fisher/Angie Caputo/Angie Rolle

-Pictures were successful

-Started to plan for ESTEM in January


                (Confirming Vendors for ESTEM. Food Serving for ESTEM will be timed, 6-7.)


President/Vice-President:  Angie Carrigan and Shannon Davis

–FUNRUN update, current as of 3:30 pm Glendale has raised $11,800 online.


(Register for Fun Run, raffle drawing. Plan B for Fun Run if rain, have it in the gym with half the obstacles. Looking at a possible Bon Fire night. Notify nurse of hay for a heads up on asthma.)


Tanya-Buzz book update


                (Pulled 333 entries, hope to have it done by Oct 15th.)


DOGS: Mike Glum

-Friday, October 6th Homecoming tailgating event @PLHS with food starting at 5:30, with Hair coloring and bandannas for kids while supplies last



Oct 6th– FUNRUN at Glendale

Oct 6th-DOGS Homecoming PLHS Event at 5:30

Oct 26th-Picture retakes

Oct 31st-Harvest parties

Nov 8th-PTC Mtg at Glendale 6:30

Nov 18th-DOGS Pancake breakfast

Nov 14th-Teacher Conf dinner – Soup and Sandwiches